Training (In-Person or Remotely)

In-Person Training Sessions

At Samtech Global, we ensure to train our agents with all kinds of soft and operational skills. Our in-person training sessions focus on individual training and communication skills of the agents. These training sessions offer individuals with:
  • Customer Retention Management
  • Improved Sales Process
  • Campaign Management
  • Courtesy Management

Remote Training Sessions

Our remote training sessions are conducted by experienced and professional virtual instructors. These virtual-led training sessions are taken through web meeting tools. It offers an amazing benefit as you don’t have to move anywhere thus ultimately reducing the amount of upfront work. The virtual or remote training sessions come up with the following benefits:
  • These sessions can be recorded and saved for future purposes.
  • Such virtual sessions are a great source in providing an E-learning opportunity to the remote agents.
  • Remote agents are trained in a more proficient way through these virtual training programs.